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All Aboard!

Trackless Trains reap huge profits as they are easily operated by one person.  From private birthday parties to school, church and municipal events and parades, Trackless Trains are a welcome attraction by any crowd.  There are other Trackless Train operators out there that feel that a carbon monoxide-pumping old lawn mower pulling rackity steel oil drums is what passes for entertainment.  Well we know better.  You've spent time and money establishing your professional image and your equipment should reflect that.

Built to Perfection

Our trains are painstakingly built by hand with attention to detail.  We will build you a Train that will bring wonder and imagination to the young, and young at heart.

Choose Your Choo-Choo

As a premier trackless train builder, we offer three standard models to choose from.  Want something special?  Let us know, we would be happy to design a custom built party train rental or kiddie train for your specific needs

For the ultimate 'wow' factor.  The Deluxe Train Series is the best way to make a great impression at any event.  Full-bodied Locomotive has all the appeal and wonder of a vintage locomotive.  Passenger Cars are large and comfortable with roof, doors, and bench seating.

Great for start-ups or to add to your existing business.  Passenger cars are topless but still have plenty of room for up to 4 passengers.  Locomotive looks amazing and tractor cowl is exposed. 

A great starter train with kid-sized single passenger barrel cars and same half locomotive body as the Barn Buddy.

Next Stop, your future...

Take the next step and get more information.  Contact us today and we will answer all of your questions...about our equipment.  For 'meaning of life' questions, your'e on your own.