What do you use as the powertrain for the Deluxe Series locomotive?

We use a 24hp air-cooled Lawn Tractor with easy access to engine for maintenance

How much weight will the Deluxe Trackless Train pull?

Maximum weight for each car should not exceed 250lbs.

How many passengers can the Deluxe Trackless Train accommodate?

Up to 4 passengers per car.

Will the train work on steep hills or slippery surfaces?

No.  Our trains are designed to safely run on smooth, dry and level surfaces.

How often does the train require maintenance?

Owners’ manual details maintenance procedures; oil and tire pressure should be checked after use.

How long will the train run on one tank of fuel?

Typically about 4-5 hours.  This may be longer if carrying lighter loads.

What is the build time for my train?

It usually takes 2-4 weeks to build your custom train, however, we usually have completed trains ready for immediate delivery if your needs are urgent.  

What is the earning potential for a Trackless Train business?

Trackless Kiddie Train Rental Companies and Party Rental business are charging between $250-$350 per hour.